DailyMe#2019-06-17 任正-app刷注册-非对话数字思想家、Spotify 的情绪歌单广告模式以及微信的中心机制

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任正非对话两位数字文化app刷量平台思想家。来自 新-刷友盟-浪科技 的整理汇总。任正非近期密集的专访固然与华为被美国政府列入黑名单有关,但这一次的-APP刷榜-对话目的何在,我并没有看懂。

博通:中美贸易战和华为被禁售将造成 20 亿美元的年度损失。来自 路应用宝刷关键词透社 的报道-关键词排名-:

 Broadcom Inc sent a shockwave through the global chipmaking industry on Friday with its forecast that U.S.-China trade tensions and the ban on doing business with Huawei Technologies would knock $2 billion off the company’s sales this year. 
 The forecast, included in the company’s second-quarter results late on Thursday, was the hardest evidence yet of the damage President Donald Trump’s trade war with Beijing may do to the global industry. 

中移动核心网 5G 大单,华为爱立信诺基亚中兴-关键词排名-都有参与。来自 云头条 的报道:

2019年6月6日,中国-友盟刷量-移动发布《2019年核心网支持5G NSA功能升级改造设备集中采购单一来app刷榜平台源-app刷量平台-采购信息公告》,应用宝刷排名入围厂-APP排名-商包括:华为、中兴、爱立信和诺基亚。

利用 AI 进行移动应-应用宝刷排名-用自动化测试的 Testim 获得 1000 万融资。来自 VB 的报道:

 Automated software testing platform T-应用宝刷关键词-estim has raised $10 million in a series B round of funding led by SignalFire, with participation from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Meron Capital, NHN Ventures, and Spider Capital. 
 Founded in 2014, Testim is one of a number of startups offering companies artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools to continuously test their software. Quality assurance (QA) is a core component of software development, but it can be a time-consuming endeavor — automating these processes help speed things up and minimize bugs in public-facing versions of apps. 


长文-app刷下载量-:Spotify 如何将音乐情绪变成APP刷榜一门广告生意。来自 The Bafffler 的一篇文章:

 In Spotify’s world, listening data has become the oil that fuels a monetizable metrics machine, pumping the numbers that lure advertisers to the platform. In a data-driven listening environment, the commodity is no longer music. The commodity is listening. The commodity is users and their moods. The commodity is listening habits as behavioral data. Indeed, what Spotify calls “streaming intelligence” should be understood as surveillance of its users to fuel its own growth and ability to sell mood-and-moment data to brands. 

微信与中心化的信息收集app刷下载量机制。来自 Nautilus 的-安卓刷量-一篇长文,虽说有些老生常谈,但通过-应用宝刷排名-外国人的视角去看微信的社APP排名会影响,多了几分冷静:

 Moreover, the data centralization that has enabled WeChat to map itself neatly onto users’ personal and commercial lives, has now created an opportunity for the government to step in and invite it into their political lives. Beyond sharing data with the government, WeChat is now rolling out a digital ID card. Every Chinese citizen is issued an ID card. It functions like a domestic passport and is needed for any interaction with the state—at hospitals, booking trains, flying domestically, or making bank transactions. In Guangzhou, the provincial government has already debuted a WeChat ID card and there are plans for it to be rolled out across the whole of China. Hijiacking WeChat in the future could grant a hacker everything from a user’s government-approved identity to his or her bank details, address, and coffee preferences. 


一个APP刷排行Twitter 讨论 ,你-app刷注册-曾经有哪些科技预测被证明是大错特错的,可以看到一群资深投资人爆料自己的故事。